Sunday, 20 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In this article we are going to share with you the Church of almost 200 years old, built in 1816. This historical church is one of Penang's major beautiful heritage landmarks and reputed to be the oldest Anglican church in South East Asia. It is none other than St George's Church in Penang. No wonder that St. George has also served as a fountain of inspiration to writers
(like Shakespeare), artists and musicians.

The most famous depiction of St George Church was his battle with a
ferocious dragon (such as the one shown here from The Catholic
Community Forum).

It is located at the corner of Lebuh Farquhar and Jalan Masjid Kapitan
Keling, both roads are historically significant in this part of the world.
Your tour to Penang will not be completed if your tour did not cover
this area.

This piece of history, resembling the early 19th century Church, will be restored through on-going restoration works. The full beauty of this church will be revealed once the restoration project is completeed as scheduled in November, 2010.

This restoration works will bring back its former glory. This grand restoration works include cleaning and restoring the roof's Marseilles tiles, using the 'cocoon' method for salt desalination on the lower parts of the church walls, restoring parts of the interior as well as door panels and repainting the church.

This church survived through second world war, when it was damaged by 6 Japanese bombs which, fell into its compound. As a result, the pitched roof was significantly damaged at that time. This could have caused the clock to be either destroyed or removed. Now, effort is made to place the replica of its 1.2 m original clock, which was portrayed by a water colour painting of the church showing the clocks facing north, south, east and west, drawn by Mr John Turnbull Thomson, an influential British architect and artist who lived from 1821 to 1884.

Luckily, other areas of this church are well maintained as the church was constantly used by churchgoers before they moved their services to the Parsih Hall while the restoration work is ongoing.

Though my stay in Penang was only four days and three nights, I find it meaningful and fulfilling as I have the chance to recall my old memories.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

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Saturday, 19 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Answer is definitely No if you are referring to the real intention of the Living and Mighty God. He is very consistent with Holiness - abundance of love and slow in anger. Because of His characteristics the fallen angels took advantage of Him and wanted to be god as well. He sent His only son to earth to redeem our sins is also part of the BIG picture He initiated from day one. As the Mighty God knows everything in the first place, he knows how the fallen angels and human beings think from day one.

This can be seen by how God chose his people as advocated in the Scripture, as follow:-
By men’s nature – unless the person is drawn to Christ granted by God.
In Exodus 7:2 -5 Now we know that God did this for His own glory and as a sign to both Israel and Egypt .

In this case, God knew that Pharaoh would not hear and bow to Him. God knows that the Pharaoh will harden his heart which is already desperately wicked and will do harm to any person who does not obey him. After Christ, we should take the interpretation that his sin destroy his ownself. However, if you view from the Law through Moses, it is acceptable that this is due to divine judgment repeated in the Scripture.

God have given humans the free will. In this sense, he will not revoke the free will which He has given though His covenants. He knows that those who refused to listen to Him will naturally face disaster. God intervenes to rescue His people out from Egypt as they cried for His help. You can see how He parted the red sea to allow them to cross over and not others who chased after His chosen people.

As such, you can see that sin can come in so many different forms, with and without the individual's knowledge. In the above case, we were told that Pharaoh feels uneasy when he see Jews. God knows every heart and Pharaoh's heart is also not an exception.

That’s why we have to constantly deny ourselves and take up the cross and follow Him as we have inherited Adam's sin. You can see that pagans also recognize that the greatest enemy is sin of themselves. – invisible to them. And yet sins can manipulate the minds so as to achieve some extraordinary achievements to certain extent. The difference here is that they pushed themselves to achieve them, not in our case where God is using us, as the vessel to do His work, and not our work.

Here, once we open our hearts to Him and He shall make all these visible in our eyes and we are able to see things from His perspective. By grounding our hearts with His word and leading us to trust Him more. We shall then always let the spirit take the lead, rather than our flesh. Never underestimate the power of sin, we cannot see on our own eyes, we need Christ to make it visible. Wouldn’t that this point has been well demonstrated in scripture.

At the same time, we must be cautious too as the devil can also quote bible very well. He (God) warns us about these things out of love, so that we don’t fall. He understand ourselves more than us. He knows how many hairs each of us have, far better than us. Such a illustration can be obtained through Jesus' own experience where the devil also tried to tempt Him on three occasions. He knows that the devil will tempt Him, so do us.

Again, we will receive His blessing of protection from the devil who cannot touch us because we belong to Him. Similar to the story line of a wolf. It claimed to have similar status like the tiger when it bring the tiger to the jungle and claim that every other animals was running away from it similar to the tiger.

That’s why we treasure His relationship very much. It’s more than just a political relationship, which goes deep into our hearts. Internalisation to be Christ like - the goal for every Christian.

If we understand that no one can come to Christ provided it is granted by God. On our own will, we are incapable to do so. This is the result of the sin committed by Adam and Eve.

Consequently, we want virtually to have unlimited power and authority within the sphere of our domains. – the danger of our own self desire. And the only restraint on our self wickedness is the holy arm of God. In this sense, the free will given to us is to choose whether to follow God or follow our own selves.

Will in the verse should be read as passive hardening. God does no violence to Pharoah’s will. In the above case, Pharoah chose not to obey Him and follow his own will which brought self destruction to himself.

Similarly, once freedom of our flesh takes the lead, and not spiritual, then we are certainly exposed to sin.

Now we can clearly see how God let the evil inclinations and evil intentions of fallen men to bring about his own redemption. Or so called free will of man. Similarly for Judas’s case. It must be reminded that God never coerce any evil thing on him, rather his own evil action that brought him self destruction.

God gives mercy to the elect by working faith in their hearts. He gives justice to the reprobate by leaving them in their own sins. One group receives mercy, on the other hand the other group receives justice. No one is a victim of justice. We can’t complain that there is unrighteousness in God.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I felt sad when I heard about;

Faith without love is dead;
Love without work is also dead;
Similarly, Faith without work is fatal.

It is a dead end to me, so I look up and cry to Him;

Then, I heard a whisper from the above;

Faith with love is Life;
Love with work is also Life;
Similarly, Faith with work is alive.

I jumped up with joy..

And I heard another wisher announcing:-

To work with love is passion;
To reap life to its fullest;
Is to live with abundance of Love.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The danger of detailed indwelling of His words may cause element of pride to creep into our life so easily without our knowledge. The danger is so rampant and may cause the Big picture of His fundamental principles to become blur and evaporate from our hearts, so to speak.

From the surface, everyone maybe talking differently. But they are actually talking about the same issue with different perspectives, according to their individual level of understanding. As none of us is perfect except Christ, this indicates well that He is holding the wild card and none can be independent from Him. As such we need to seek Him and cling to Him closely so as to walk with Him without any distraction. Look at the example of King David, who had clung to Him so closely yet he committed a couple of serious sins.

It is crystal clear of our sinful nature, the tendency of such sinful act is extremely high. This has been well substantiated in the Scripture pre and post Christ. For instance, Peter had even denounced Him three times after He was prosecuted, the one who had spent time with Him during his (Peter) life time. Don’t mention about us, who has no such privilege.

Wouldn’t you agree on how He constantly reminds and cautions us about the human's sin, which normally operates against God's characteristics that are full of abundant love and slow in anger. He wants us to trust God and ask God to intervene, so that we can walk in accordance with His will, and not our will. Through alignment to His perspective that we are able to walk by faith, and not by sight.

Our greatest enemy is our own selves, which is invisible inside us. Inwards rather outwards. Which is always misunderstood by us as if it is derived from external forces or circumstances, rather than ourselves. As such, this had been addressed by Matthew in 16:24 - self denial before we take up the cross. As we usually act or pretend to be good with God. Alternatively, we make our own god which is fully controlled by us, and not the other way round. No surprise to me that so many gods were created by humans in the past (Read the book of Romans) till to date.

Denial of oneself is the very 1st step in taking up the cross, deny yourselves and your thoughts. In endeavoring to attain the real knowledge from God, we must be very careful in using our wisdom to interpret the Scriptures according to the way we believe rather than the common understanding of the crowd that is pleasing to our ears.

Deny, in like manner, your own power. Cherish the deep conviction that it is those who are weak; those who are nothing that God can use. No wonder that God always use the weak to perform the miracles, contradictory to common understanding of strong person who has so called talents in a particular field as we normally understand. By believing so, it may undermine God's power. Continuous denial of your own power is the way to draw the power and grace from God. His grace will make anyone lacks nothing no matter what condition he is in. Despite his physical body may cry out in pain. However, the inner man inside him will stay dominant and help overwhelm his pain. As such, he can cry out rejoice, the way so many saints have experienced. It well illustrates the norm and the power of God's grace. That is very crucial to have these two perspectives from our eyes.

That's why trusting in Him wholeheartedly is crucial so as to let him take the lead always. Hasn't He demonstrated to us that He can overcome all temptations because He obeys His Father, who is inside Him.

He shall grant us “Special Goggles” so that we can see the invisible. So that we are able to see how He dwells with us clearly. He wants us to pray for that particular person and keep on trusting Him to do the miracles if it is His will.

Blessed because you can see all these things.
Blessing is not equal to our human understanding of comfort.
Blessing is something to put our soul to good rest, peace of mind. Once you have tasted the sweetness, you will never want to let go.

Even gentiles also aware of the wisdom that the greatest enemy is their own as the saying that no one can stop you - rain or shine, but yourself.

As such, we need to clean and clear those impurities with the assistance from the Holy Spirit, which is the whole plan why God planted this spirit in human hearts in the first place. It also affirmed why we always long for Him.

At last but not least, we pray that this article is able to assist you to see this big picture clearly by now. We pray in Jesus' wonderful name. Amen.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Saturday, 12 June 2010


My Dearest friends,

Talent is not enough,
Positive altitude is not everything,
Love is great
Love is mighty
Love is life
In short, love is everything
Nothing is impossible through love.
God is love
God is everything.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Thursday, 10 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Talent is not enough,
Positive altitude is not everything,
Love is great
Love is mighty
Love is life
In short, love is everything
Nothing is impossible through love.
God is love
God is everything.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have no life in the past
I assumed it is the life I am searching for
I worked hard for my assumed life
I thought I could do it through my own way

Through job, I find vanity
Through money, I find vanity
Through power, I find vanity
That is not the true life

When I cried to the Lord
He whispers to my heart
My grace is suffice
Will make you lack nothing

I know it is hard for you to believe
That’s why I sent my only begotten Son to die on the cross
To accomplish everything for you
For those who believe in Him, will have Life

It sounds too good to be true
Yet it is the truth
Knowing that Human by themselves can’t do good
Repent now and receive the salvation

For those who are born again
Shall see His kingdom
Then you shall be convinced and convicted
Your heart shall voluntarily open to Him

He is knocking at your door
Waiting for you to open your door
Once you open it to Him
He will join you forever

Then you shall have life
Life with abundance of love
Is a great blessing from the above;
Grace and peace shall be with you forever.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Obedience is not a bad word,
Neither is it rude,
It is not an oppressive force;

It is to acknowledge His existence
To appreciate what He had done for you
To show your love towards Him
Because He loves you first

It is a natural response of your hearts to Him
After He had convicted and convinced your hearts
That make you submit to Him voluntarily

By doing so, you shall eat the good of the land
That is why He provides for you in the first place
Because He cares and loves you more than anything
His blessings to you from day one when you are born

Through obedience, you appropriate the seeds of blessing.
That is the way you shall be clothed in humility.
Through humility, you shall be able to live victoriously

Now you can see how great is His love to you.
Deeper than ocean;
Higher than the sky;
It is beyond measurement

Cheers and have a lovely day,

James Oh

Monday, 7 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May be it is good to dwell with this issue earlier by tackling and understanding it first. Here, I am using the metaphor of “plucking the ripe fruits first”, whereby we should pluck the low hanging fruits first, and then move on to the higher ones on the tree.

Our Christianity walk is a journey and not a destination. However, there is a great blessing that God make us realize that our purpose on earth is to achieve Christlikeness – that is the tangible outcome we are seeking on earth, so as to walk right with God. This is very much in accordance with the principle, approach and spirit of the Bible as a whole. I would rather call it a Big Picture.


To apprehend the true meaning of this word, it is easier to express it in a scale where righteousness is pointing towards one end while sin is pointing to the other opposite end. Since the true meaning of righteousness varies from one individual to another, therefore it may be useful to understand meaning of sin first.


Sin is defined as something other than righteousness. Sin violates religious and moral laws. It may be caused by something from the weaknesses of our flesh eg. physical desires such as pride, honour, comfort, pleasure, ego, jealousy, ect…In a nutshell, it can come in many different forms, whether you like it or not. It has to to be given equal weight as rightenousness.

As we are well aware that after man fell, no man can do good with his own ability. Hence we must be extremely serious about this subject which no one should take lightly.We inherited the original sin from our ancestor, Adam and Eve. Bear in mind that both of them stayed in the garden of Eden near to God. Here, the devil was so smart and deceive them to take the fruit of knowledge. This well illustrate the point of the devil's power, is very much stronger than any of us or all of us. Another good point to note seriously is that they are near to God, yet the heart is not wholly dedicated to God, they fall eventually. That’s why the scripture also gives us sufficient warnings to safeguard this force, because they can come in thousands or millions forms. Worse still, they may be invisible in our own eyes.

We must be aware of the operation of sin so that we will not get ourselves expose unnecessarily. It is clear that righteousness always triumph over sin. Bear in mind that our Lord, Jesus was also tempted by Satan who can quote Scriptures so well. However Jesus is the perfect man, without sin and can conquer devils. He, as a human had demonstrated the way to conquer them and win the victory for His Father. He had performed perfect prayer before He was put on the cross and claim the victory for His Father. He descended to world to carry out a purpose for His Father. Being adopted children of Him, wouldn’t you think that we were created for His purpose as well. Our purpose of Christian life is also to gloriify God our Father. I am convinced that I shall first deny myself, take up the cross and follow him, the process of being Christlike.

Here, my purpose of this paper is provide an in-depth understandings of this operation, which I am strongly convince that I am able to see all these – as a great blessing from the work of the Holy Spirit. If not, there is no way for me to see it so clearly with my own ability. Similarly I am also convicnced that the stronger your faith is, the clearer picture you can get, which others can see. This is the fundamental of understanding the faith by itself.

It is a great blessing to opt for this Christian walk because we have a mighty and living God, who knows the human being so well that on their own, they can’t walk right with God. That’s the reason He sent us a helper to guide us and stay inside us so long as we open our hearts voluntarily to Him. That’s what He say “I am waiting at the door, whoever opens shall join them. We must understand Him that being a loving God, He has abundant love, but he is slow in anger, will not use force to enter our heart – free will of our own.

To receive His love, we need to open our hearts voluntarily to Him. Then only will he help us to see the devil or our enemy. The impurity of our heart must be removed and replaced by Him. Then He can help us see the invisible but not limited to the devil. By then we can safeguard ourselves and will not fall into temptations.

In order for us to apprehend fully the correct perspective of righteousness according to God’s will, perhaps it very much easier and clearer for us to understand the other extreme end of how sin works, well before we can draw a thin line between these two boundaries. Hence the level of your faith will determine its understanding and application.

Therefore it is more appropriate for us to fully understand the lower end before we build up our strong foundation of righteousness. Word by itself can be used as a double edge sword – well demonstrated by our Master, who knows the word perfectly and can defend himself against the devil who tried to tempt Him. The question arises is who else can do the perfect job. I am convinced that Christ is the only man that can do that. That’s the strong reason why He asked us to deny ourselves No one can replace Him – that why our mission here is to be Christ likelike. Therefore it is important that we reveal to others what God reveals to us, so that He can reveal more to us. The growth of our faith.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Thursday, 3 June 2010


Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace to you.

Thank God, for His grace that I step forward to share with you another miracle, with the sole intention of glorifying Him. I know that all this is His work and I am made use of as one of His vessels.

One night, I was invited by the same Christian friends to join their bible study group at their newly found church at Kelana Jaya. Before our bible study class, I made use of the toilet and flush water before I left. I noticed the water kept on flowing out from the tank. I tried to stop it, but to no avail. My friend saw it and came in to assist, but also to no avail. All of the sudden, the phrase of John 16:24 that says "until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete." struck my mind again. I then proposed to pray about it. The moment I finished the statement, he cried out "done." Both of us instantly thank Lord again for His good work. This second miracle truly make my friend convinced. I can't really recall whether we shared this incident with the rest of our Christian friends there.

Thank God for His wonderful blessings again and hope to see you again,

God bless

James Oh


Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

America in Deep shit;
We heard your voice even you don't cry out;
We wanted to let you know you are not alone;
The rests of the world is trying hard to reach you

America, you are not fighting alone;
We want you to continuously lead;
This set back is not the edge;
But it is a turning point;
And it meant to make you stronger;

The rest of the world will never abandon you
America, America, America
We heard your voice
That's why we are trying to reach you

We know that you are hiding away from us
Nevertheless we keep on trying all feasible means to reach you
We just want to let you know that we will never give up hope to reach you
We know you will keep on trying to hide away from us

We know how you react, and the pains you are suffering
Even though you hide from us
We never blame you
But don't belittle us although we are not so big as you think
But our heart and voice is overwhelmingly BIG

Even you reject us thousands times
We wouldn't feel the pains contrary to your view
That's why we still have the energy to keep on reaching you
Even when you keep on running away from us

What we need from you is
You extend your hands to us
We are willing to hold your hands to walk through the journey with you

That is our commitment and we will do it wholeheartedly
We will gather those liked minded people
To sing this song and continue to sing this song over and over
Until and unless you extend your hands to us

We know how you think
We are not irritating you, as you perceived;
We know that is not your fault
But we can't leave you;
Ignore or abandon you

This is because we care and are concern for you
That's why we ask you to extend your hands to us
So that we can reach you

We will not give up and will continue to sing this song
Until and unless you extend your hand to us.

Here, we invite artists, producers and those who are keen to work with us to hit in a big scale, on commercial basis, so as to create a huge impact to lift people up. Then please email to or skype me at james.oh18.

Please help us to spread the news. Thank you in advance,

Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon,

Before you leave this blog, please click at the title of this article to view the first draft of the song being blogged at the website of famous author, Miss Lilous Mace.

Thank you for your precious time and wish you a fulfilling weekend.

James OH

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, my family attended our Sunday service at the DUMC church, Section 13, Petaling Jaya.

The sermon for the week was centred on the importance of human life, which made us so excited to share with you. Its importance was well entrenched in the Scriptures as follows:-
1. Life comes from God and belongs to God (Genesis 2:7).

Here, you may able to see the rationale why many countries are moving away from death penalty for serious crimes. This move has been advocated by the International Human Rights Association and the voice has been well accepted worldwide. Their arguments is in line with Scripture.

Second issue is involved with greater sensitivity on the status of abortion. Here, it is very much dependent on the circumstances. If it is life threatening to the mother, then the case may be treated differently. Similarly treatment should be also extended to rape victims. Their choice of keeping the baby is dependent on the mother's will. They can choose to give the baby up for adoption after the delivery.

2. Human beings are made in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26,27)

God appointed human beings to be the trustee for all other creations on earth. As such, human beings is God's treasure.

3. In our body is the precious life-blood which God puts in us. (Genesis 9:5,6)

One thing is certain that no matter how advance is our technology, we cannot produce anything identical to the nature. For instance synthetic rubber is not as hard as the natural rubber. Worst still, scientists cannot produce blood and that is why all hospitals frequently ask the donors to step forward to donate blood whenever the blood bank runs low, despite we have entered into 21 century.

4. We do not have the ability to reproduce human lives that are eternal.

We cannot produce blood through our own invention, nor can we reproduce human beings in the laboratory. We are very certain that we cannot do this in the future as well.

5. Inherent in every human being is the potential to change the world for good.

This is something very great that the Mighty God has given to all human beings: the ability to cope with changes for good. This attribution is solely contributed by God to human beings with the following features:-

1. Rationality - this enable us to use this to the maximum for the good of human beings through our brain - the great gift from God.

2. Morality - God calls the shot and not anyone of us. In this connection, He gave us His Word. Everything and anything should be looked upon from His perspective.

3. Creativity - Inherited from Him so that we can use our creativity to cope with the changes and for our good.

4. Eternity - no matter what, our hearts always long for Him.

5. Personal - so that human can build relationship with God directly. We will step forward to be His witnesses from generations to generations so as to glorify Him, and not us.

Hope the above discussion has given you an insight of the importance of human lives. We also pray to Him that He will reveal to us should we have any different interpretation. We pray in His wonderful name. Amen.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Friday, 28 May 2010

Being Christian...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Do read and ponder...

Several years ago, a priest was transferred to a distant village church in his diocese. Some weeks after he arrived, he had an occasion to ride the bus from his church to the nearest town. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change.

As he considered what to do, he told himself, 'You'd better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it.'

Then he thought, 'Oh, forget it, it's only a quarter. Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway, the bus company makes huge profits; they will never miss it. Accept it as a 'gift from God' and keep quiet.'

When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, and then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, 'Here, you gave me too much change. '

The driver, with a smile, replied, 'You are the new priest in the village, right?'

'Yes' he replied.

'Well, I have lately been thinking a lot about going somewhere to pray. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you extra change. You'll see me at church on Sunday.'

When the priest stepped off of the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said, 'Oh God, I almost sold You for a quarter!'

God Bless,

James Oh

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Being Christian..

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read. This is a really scary example of how much people watch us as Christians, and will put us to the test!

Always be on guard -- and remember -- you carry the name of Jesus Christ on your shoulders when you call yourself "Christian .'

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.



Monday, 24 May 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today, I just shared with another new Christian friend, Mr. Ho, I met yesterday. In our conversation, somehow we spoke about my still born child case which happened more than a decade ago. As a result, I took a legal suit against the private hospital, doctors and everyone involved in that incident, which I filed in two years later after I gathered all the correspondence and reports from them.

However, due to numerous reasons, such as misplaced files - according to my lawyer and the case was delayed for nearly a decade. I patiently waited and in the years I completed my legal studies. One day before the hearing date, I received a shock reply from my lawyer, who withdrew from representing my wife. I was at loss and pray to God. He came to rescue me and related the whole incident on how His son, who is innocent but yet prosecuted by human beings- His own creation. He showed me how He exercised His Grace through the whole incident which made me truly apprehensive. He, being Sovereign and Mighty God yet do not exercise His authority to kill those people, who prosecuted His Son- Jesus Christ, when He has justification to do so. But He decided otherwise.

Second point is that He revealed to me that if He opted to destroy all these people, He is no better than human beings, who will normally behave in this manner. In my child's case, I was the key witness at the whole scene from 6:00pm till the early morning of the following day. During that day, so many unbearable mistakes were made by the hospital staff, who even over-ruled my suggestion of requesting to inform the gynaecologist much earlier. As a result of such delay, my child was dead 10-20 minutes before birth, which left a vertical scar of more than 6 inches at her stomach. They all expressed their condolence to me and assured me that they have done every possible means and their best to save my child, which I totally can't accept. I disagree with their explanation. Sorry for me to say so, but I have to tell you the truth and my real feeling at that time.

Lots of inconsistency were found in the written reports I received from the gynaecologist, the expert's opinion and the domestic enquiry committee which made me doubtful of these reports. However, God's grace that I received made me withdraw the case.

Today, we share with you the real experience that illustrate how powerful is His grace that changed me so much. It was better to surrender this heavy burden to His shoulders, who will deliver justice accordingly. Prior to this, I must confess that I was very emotional and full of anger when I touched on this incident. I have to admit that partially it is my fault for suggesting this so called "better equipped" private hospital which I believed in, but turned out to totally different in our experience.

The lengthy time taken in locating the machine is obviously a negligent act in view of my wife pregnancy situation, even normal people can sense that urgency. However, the senior mid wife, which I cannot understand at all thoughts otherwise without assigning any reason. At the day of discharge, they dispensed the wrong medicine to my wife, which they explained that the medicine is only vitamins. Luckily, another patient's husband discovered the mistake and informed me to rectify the error. This has been furnished in one of their written explanation. To me, what is the point of consulting a doctor, and not taking the medicine the doctor prescribed. The more I think about it - they really insulted me in every aspect. However, God's grace again came into the picture. He requested me to forgive them for their foolishness.

He further convinced me that He is in control of everything. He who gives life to every creation has every right to call them back at anytime for His purpose - meant for good. Just trust Him and continuously walk by faith, and not by sight. now, this event does not hurt me any longer.

The above incident turned out to be an excellent illustration to me as how powerful is God's grace and I write to share with you the way God has touched me in this connection.

So, do not use any unfortunate event as an excuse to abandon Him, but submit to him more so that He can reveal the truth to you. The same way He has been taken through.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters

Grace to you and peace from God our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

This post, we are going to discuss something very basic, yet supreme important in our Christian walk.


The book of Philippians is written by apostle Paul with the intention to cautious them on the false teaching of Christ.

Ph 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation!
Ph 3:3 For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

So, the question arises as how to get it right? To do so, we have to look at the Big Picture so as we do not let the details to confuse us. As such, it is supreme important to view from the right perspective. To do so, apostle Paul has taught us to adopt the God perspective.

Here, we can see that shifting of mindset is profound by the apostle Paul, i.e shifting from our human rationale /perspective to God's perspective. One way to relieve his pain from his flesh. No wonder so many Christian be able to achieving so many significant breakthrough in leadership effectiveness, like Paul.

As such, we must fully aware that having God's perspective is the corner stone of true christian walk, which drives our choices, decisions, thoughts and actions in accordance with God's will. And not using our intelligent/wisdom to carry out action which we normally do. I shall dwell in details as to why it should not be the case at the subsequent post.

Similarly, by adopting God's perspective, we are only able to see things beyond life on earth - Eternity Life. Naturally we will only able to response our actions consistently in that light. In doing so, we are then able to submit wholeheartedly to Lord voluntarily. Submission here is refer to submission that is made consciously and willingly. Bear in mind, God's gentleness do not force it through man. “Consciously” means “knowingly”, and “willingly” means “freely”, without compulsion. Therefore, it is defined in such a manner that the submission as demanded by Christian is not possible without knowledge.

Therefore, it is also important for us to understand fully as how we can enter into the Kingdom of God so that we can have such a perspective. Hence, we have no other way but to deal with the process listed below:-

This literally means 'change of one's mind." It involves the will (Luke 15;18, 20), emotions (2 Cor.7:9) and intellect (Matt. 21 -29) of a person. It is the willful turning away from sin to follow after God. True repentance always leads to a change in conduct and attitudes. By doing so, we can only be of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind with Christ. (Philippians 2: 1-5).

Born again
Whereas "Born again" must also take place - the creation by the Holy Spirit of a new life in man called the "new creation" (2 Cor. 5:17) that brings us into the Kingdom of God (John 1:12, 3:3). It is an instantaneous change from spiritual death to spiritual death to spiritual life (Eph 2:1, 4-5)

When we are born again, we become partakers of the divine nature (2 Pet 1:4) and Christ now lives in us (Gal 2:20).

This is very consistent throughout the scripture as to why Jesus has to explain to Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews who came to Jesus. John3 :1-2. In verse 3 of the same chapter of the book, Jesus answered and said to him " Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

Similarly, one can not has the God's perspective if he cannot see the kingdom of God. It is imperative to get this basic thing right in the first place.

From the above discussion, trust you are clear by now as to why we need to adopt God's perspective.

I pray God will reveal even to you should you have other interpretation. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

James Oh

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

He knows this equation is not logical to our minds,
but is also contrary to the way we normally think;
Wouldn't we agree that He does what He preaches;
Despite He is our Sovereign King
He operates by Grace and not solely by law

Tell us what is not given by Him
Name me one if you can
Ask yourself who creates the universe
And imagine what if all the planets disobey His commands
What will happen to us

Even though we are created small
He is inside us and will always being blessed us with a brain and soul
Which can be as Mighty as Him
If we submitted to Him wholeheartedly
This is not something new to us
Scripture well substantiate this truth

See how He shapes the earth according to His will
And not our will
He does not even has to touch us
But our action destroyed ourselves
This point in case is well proven in Scripture

So, do not be foolish
Just submit yourself to Him
So that you can receive precious gifts from Him
Which can make you move the mountain
So long as you obey His will
and not your will

So give your old self and receive new self from Him
Which is far greater than your old self
That why we say Giving is Receiving.
You must get it right
Because it is the Truth.

Giving is receiving

Here, we invite artists, producers and those who are keen to work with us to hit in a big scale, on commercial basis, so as to create a huge impact to lift people up. Then please email to or skype me at james.oh18.

Please help us to spread the news. Thank you in advance,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hi! Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let us sing the song below:-


You will never know for sure when your time is up
Because He, the one who creates you, control everything
So, do not risk your soul
Don't be blinded by your flesh
Look around for all the indicators
Which is so glaringly obvious pointing towards Him

He has done everything for you
There is no excuse for you
Because there are an abundance of evidence
So, come to Him voluntarily;

He will honour every Word of His despite He is Sovereign
His Word will never change over time
He will never take back the free will He has given you even though He has all the authority to do so

He has given you the precious gifts out of His grace
Which none of us is qualify for them
No wonder He will never reject or abandon anyone of us
He who creates the Heaven and earth know how you think and react
Because He is inside you

So repent and submit to Him
Let Him guide you along
Because He knows the way

Come to Him and let Him lead
Through Him everything is complete with joy

You are rest assured that you will not add any value to Him
Don't be foolish; come and ask for His wisdom
He will be more than happy to give you
What you need to do is to believe in Him wholeheartedly

This is because He knows that you cannot add value t by your own capability;
This is the truth; and He is not belittling you
So come to Him

Here, we invite artists, producers and those who are keen to work with us to hit in a big scale, on commercial basis, so as to create a huge impact to lift people up. Then please email to or skype me at james.oh18.

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Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May we present our fist composed song to you.

He has given us two ears;
Yet at times we refused to listen to His Word,
We chose to listen to our word;

He has given us a mouth
Yet we refused to preach His word;
But we preach our word.

He has given us two eyes
We refused to see His creation
Yet we prefer to see our own creation.

He builds Mansion waiting for us
But we prefer to build our own mansion.

That's why we can not understand Him
Who has done everything for us

We choose not to appreciate Him
Instead we will blame Him instead
But we take His credit as ours

Despite hurting Him severely
He still never change His love for us.
He is waiting at the finish line for
Those who chose to believe Him

So, please come and receive Him
Before it is too late
It is only one way ticket
You will have one day to return

So come and receive Him Now,
However you are always welcome at any time
You choose your time
Please come and receive Him

Here, we invite artists, producers and those who are keen to work with us to hit in a big scale, on commercial basis, so as to create a huge impact to lift people up. Then please email to or skype me at james.oh18.

Please help us to spread the news. Thank you in advance,

Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Monday, 10 May 2010


Hi! Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is my pleasure to see you again. Thank you for all the support that you have shown. Your desire to be rewarded more is clearly noted.

As such, I am more than happy to share with you the following message. I strongly believe that the Lord wants to use me in a bigger way. He reveals to me that national progress is in the hands of Entrepreneurs as they are the pillars to the nation's progress. They are not only the goods and services providers to the people, but they are also the people who shape, drive the economy so as to achieve sustainable economic growth by creating more employment opportunities for the people. As it is not feasible for the government to fund and manage every industry, therefore the government needs to work hand in hand with these entrepreneurs to develop both small and large scale industries to accelerate the economic growth. I also need to make this clear to you that Entrepreneurship is not everyone's cup of tea. He reveals to me that I have certain qualities to be a successful entrepreneur, because I allowed Him to fulfill me and I believe in Him. I am fully aware that this is not my work, but His. He also reveals to me that when He opens the door, no one can shut it. Similarly, when He closes the door, no one can open it. That urges me to declare, lately, officially broadcasted on my blog to the whole world at large that I am a Technopreneur.

He reveals to me, through His Word, the qualities required to make a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur, that required His servant to join hand with me to serve Him instead of just taking a back seat. We, Christians ought to shine, because He is inside us.


Creativity means the ability of bringing something new into existence in the public perspective. It can be anything and everything. The beauty of this is that there is no limit or boundary to it. Freedom need to be given so as to give the thinker a chance to create new items, which can be anything and everything. As such to be a successful entrepreneur, he needs to be creative. This point has been well proven in mankind's history, which needs no further elaboration. That is why God's creation is unique and distinct from others even if they are twins. That's why He has given us a powerful brain.


Innovation is another important pillar supporting entrepreneurship regardless of the field the individual is involved in. An innovative entrepreneur creates a resource. Because of his overwhelming passion, he can overcome any obstacle that comes along. His innovative ways will enable him to circumvent all obstacles which an ordinary person would not be able to do. That is why entrepreneurs always hold themselves responsible for their own future. As a result, they are able to sustain and maintain themselves throughout the journey without feeling the unbearable pain, very different from the ordinary person. They enjoy their enterprise no matter how tough it is and they do not need to be pushed by others. It comes naturally and they respond to it in a very positive manner, without regrets. It is, at times very difficult to describe in words unless you really go through such an experience. Sweet and rewarding for those who have made it. From the bible, it well demonstrates this point in case. No further elaboration is required.


An entrepreneur needs to be dynamic, so to speak, because of its nature of work the entrepreneur is involved in. A dynamic entrepreneur is a problems solver and always seeks for challenges that make their lives more exciting and rewarding as well. He always seek solutions to the problems/difficulties so as to make thing better in term of its features, function and etc..In short, to make the world a better place to live in. They love challenges as they know that challenges will make them progress. Therefore, you can see that they need to have interest and passion in that enterprise and not necessary focus solely on generating more money for themselves alone. A dynamic entrepreneur always seeks better ways of doing things in a more effective and efficient manner. They rely on the tested and proven formula that makes everyone involved be in a win-win situation. They consistently evolved through time, just like the way you start peddling your bicycle. We need to learn from nature, which is there to guide and lead us, and not through our work. This is because none of us can add value to it according to the Scripture.

Quality Leadership:

Leadership forms one of the most important ingredients because he needs to gain respect from others so as to lead the way in an effective manner. Time will tell his true quality of leadership. In fact, you can see his leadership when you walk into his office. His leadership will be reflected in his daily life and action, in how he manages the affairs, no matter how he conceals it. Good entrepreneur is also a good student, who has a desire to upgrade himself in any area so long as it can make him progress further and further, so as to stay ahead in the field he is in. He enjoys healthy competition because this is the way which can drive him to progress further. He is a no nonsense person who always constantly give his best shot and never give excuses. His quality of leadership will be clearly reflected throughout every aspect of task handling, problem solving and confronting issues in daily life. He is truly efficient and effective. An enterprise with excellent leadership is always prominent and highly demanded in the market worldwide. People such as Moses, King David, King Solomon etc and JESUS CHRIST.. well illustrate the quality of servant leadership required.

Team Builder in nature:

An entrepreneur recognised and acknowledged the fact that he cannot act alone, he needs to build team to sustain the growth of his enterprise. As such, an entrepreneur forms group of individuals with common purpose to drive them to stay focus on their BIG goals and not the problem. They build network and continue to support each member with dedication, commitment, energy and innovation. Again,this well illustrate No one can achieve success by himself alone.

Firm and Decisive:

These qualities make them distinct from the rest. Usually they are far sighted, have clear defined mission and vision. They are able to stand against all odds. An entrepreneur makes firm decisions because they know what they are doing, they foresee the challenges in advance, therefore they are able to take the right wave of the uncertainty that ordinary people would otherwise missed. That is the great difference and always makes them look forward, which normal people may view as high risk. They are versatile people and they know how to manoeuvre so as to climb higher. Even if there is a fall, in ordinary person's view, they viewed it as a temporary set back and they are able to capture this adversity to make themselves better than their initial position. An entrepreneur starts with a completely new activity and he may either succeed or fail. Here, an entrepreneur usually takes a calculated risk of the above factors mentioned above.


Similar to any other type of adventure, an entrepreneur is usually a person with high commitment, has strong dedication and will power. They want to play the winning game that requires patience, they endure whatsoever obstacles that come along their journey. And they know that the resistance is there to shape them to build their inner muscles to overcome much bigger obstacles as they move to higher levels of success. Their desire will not lack fuel because they draw these energies from various invisible sources, given from the above.

Communication Ability:

Good entrepreneur is also an excellent communicator who can convey his message precisely and accurately so that his team members know what he really means and work hand in hand to support him to move to the next level of success. They have "authority" that comes with strong persuasive power to align his teams to flow with him in the same direction. They need to do it in a very transparent manner that requires high integrity to earn the trust and confidence from their team members. Their team members will not only listen to them but will respond accordingly with full confidence. This is they listen to their inner voice and not their own voice.

IN this connection, you may contact me should you really want to commit yourself to join us to chart your own path of success. You may either furnish me your contact, via comment. Alternatively, you may drop me an email at

Thank you for your precious time and looking forward to hearing from you

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Hi! Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Recently, I received a article, Daily Hope, written by Rick Warren who is also the author of several Purpose Driven devotionals, from the group member, after we talked about the difficulty to practise forgiveness in our previous bible study class.

Below is the author's wonderful article.

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Give God your hurts
by Rick Warren

If you forgive others the wrongs they have done to you, your Father in heaven will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive the wrongs you have done. Matthew 6:14-15 (TEV)
"If somebody hurt you, let go of it, release them. That's one of the values of prayer. It helps you unload."
In your life, you will be hurt by others; sometimes intentionally; sometimes unintentionally. How you handle that hurt determines your happiness.

When you bottle up hurt in your life and hold onto it - that is called resentment. If somebody hurt you years ago and you're still holding onto it, it will poison your life. For your own health and happiness, you must learn to forgive.

The Bible says forgive and be forgiven. In fact, Jesus says "if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive the wrongs you have done." (Matthew 6:15, TEV) They're inter-related.
It reminds me of the story - when someone told John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, "I just can't forgive that person! They hurt me too badly." Wesley's response was, "Then I hope you never sin."

For your own sake, let go of the past. If somebody hurt you, let go of it, release them. That's one of the values of prayer. It helps you unload. Forgiveness is the only way to get rid of the past. Forgive them and let it go. Get on with life. Forgiveness erases the videotape of that hurt memory that keeps playing over and over in your mind.

In my own marriage, the times I've felt closest to Kay, the times of most intimacy and oneness, have been times after a major blow-up. We've worked the thing through; we've both confessed to each other and asked forgiveness; and then we pray together. The oneness that comes out of that kind of experience just can't be explained.

When we let go of our hurts and forgive others we are reflecting the grace of our heavenly Father, who forgave us and continues to forgive us. It means we've given God our love; we've given God our lives; and, in doing that, we worship God.

In this connection, I must confess that if you let resentment rule your life. It will poison your life. I recalled when I let go of those involved in my still born child after I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. He revealed to me vividly why Our Heavenly Father never uses force to punish those who crucified His begotten son on the cross. Imagine being the Mighty and Sovereign is very much easier to justify His action to destroy them. His choice of forgiving them gains my respect. Otherwise, He is no better than any man, who will choose the latter which is very natural. I do not need to elaborate any further because there are tons of evidences to support this course of action.

I still recall when every time this incident emerges, I felt very emotional and raise my voice to relate that incident. I even went to the extent of bringing those involved to court despite the case was delayed for more than 10 years. It really bottle up hurt in my life for that length of period.

Since after I let go and forgive those people, I manage to get on with my life, the way the author describe. I also can vouch that forgiveness will erase the videotape of that hurt memory that keeps playing over and over in my mind. I am able to do it, through His grace I received from Him. I can say that it is because I choose to believe in Him. My intention to share it with you again because I want to glorify Him and others whom I have been benefiting from all these while. I also know that they do not expect any return from me, the same way I did for others.

Thanks for your time and effort to read this article. Please do share with others who you care for.

Wishing you a happy life.

James Oh

Friday, 23 April 2010


Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace to you.

I am deeply delighted to seeing you all again. For those who have read about the numerous miracles that Lord had shown me, you may choose to continuously read some of my testimonies from time to time. For those who have not done so, you may vet through my previously written testimonies to see how Lord convinced and convicted my heart.

Since then, I have begun to take initiatives to read the scripture day and night or whenever I have the opportunities despite my struggles initially. Now, I enjoy reading it. Thank God again for placing me in several bible study groups to nourish my heart. Thanks also to those who have been lending their books and sharing with me their thoughts about His Words with me. That enables me to share it openly with you. This is one way to appreciate their efforts by giving back to society. I have been benefiting all these while. Secondly, I also can do it by glorying My Mighty God who has done so much for me. I also know what I am doing is not my effort, but through His grace that I do it.

Thanks also extended to those churches I have attended to ground my understanding of His Word. I am very grateful to Him and the rest that He made use of everything to reveal the truth to me. He also guide me to be a doer as well as a listener, as such I have taken various initiatives to apply His word into my daily lives. He has never failed to answer my prayers in so many occasions when I need to deliver something so as to glorify Him. He even delivered parking lots during peak time in shopping malls when I was with my unbelieving siblings. Amazing, yet real so as that He touches their hearts as well.

Finally, they have soften their resistance against my faith as compared to the initial period. Praise the Lord.

Our faith began to grow each day and what I know is that He continuously uses me as one of His vessels to achieve His goals and not my goals. I just pray that He continuously keep and maintain me. Amen.
I pray in Jesus Christ's wonderful name.

One thing I realise that the more I share with others, He will reveal even more to me, like Giving is Receiving. Once I have shared, I feel more peaceful and feel like resting in His Mighty hand. I am sure that you will not let go of the peace for any costs. It is too sweet and wonderful, I can say.

I will see you again,

Grace and peace to you all.

James Oh

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace to you.

I am very glad to see you all again. Today, I like to share with you my heartfelt painful experience, prior to my conviction to accept Him as my Savior, with you when I read the gospel of John 3 verse16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." I guess you know how I felt at that time. I was very angry with our Lord and claim that He is too harsh and not loving as he should be. I told myself in my heart that I cannot peruse further and I am not going to read this bible any more.

After a while, I felt that a soft hand was extended to me and His word is so softly spoken to me that said, "My son, I know how you feel, but this is the truth. I am not blaming you for doing so. But, I have spoken through My Words that there are abundance of evidences which showed the truth. How can anyone miss out, if he has his heart for me. Look at the universe, the distance between the Sun and earth, Scripture and witnesses from the past and present, who come forward to testify about my existence. After that my heart suddenly felt much lighter and I am able to see from His perspective. I immediately ask for forgiveness and He replied that He never blame me for doing so. He really knows everything I have in my heart - that makes me convinced to accept Him as my Mighty and Living God.

Since then, He has been revealed to me many times, which initially did not make sense to me. This may due to my intellectual doubts which always convey it differently for my understanding. For instance when I read about the phrase advocated by Apostle Paul - I am strong yet I am weak. Contradictory statement which I find very difficult to understand. The 'Righteous' word I heard from the sermon and bible study initially gave me the meaning of more than right, which I find confusing without any universal meaning to it.

However, one thing I do not put into waste is that He has continuously used me as His vessel to touch some lives. Praise the Lord.

James Oh

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace to you.

Thank God, for His grace that I step forward to share with you another miracle, in the hope of glorifying Him. I know that all this is His work and I am made use of as one of His vessels.

That night, I was invited by one of my young Christian friends to join his bible study group at his newly found church, Kelana Jaya. After our bible study class, we were heading to our cars to depart from the place. After I entered my car, I was struggling very hard to unlock my steering lock, StopLock - British Police model, but to no avail. It was very kind of my young Christian friend, who turned his car back to investigate what had happened to me. Once he saw what had happened, he came in to assist me to unlock it, but also to no avail. All of the sudden, the phrase of John 16:24 that says "until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete." struck my mind. I then proposed to pray about it. The moment I finished the statement, he cried out "done." Both of us instantly thank Lord for His good work. We then shared this incident with our other Christian friends in the following bible study session. It touched them. Thank God for His wonderful blessings.

Hope to seeing you again,

God bless

James Oh

Monday, 12 April 2010


Dear loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Peace and grace to you.

Thank God that I dare to come forward, through His grace, to share this miracle with you, with the hope that it will touch some of your hearts, the same way as it touched my immediate family members.

It all began, one evening after I came back from work, I rushed my family members to dine at Subang Jaya without any prior advance notice. Without much delay, my kids went into my car, followed by my wife. After a certain distance of travel from my house, my wife began to realise that the wired tag from her new pair of shoes have not been removed although they had been paid for. As usual, she began to nag about it. I tried to keep her silent, followed by my second son, who offered her his scissor which he found in his school bag. She tried but to no avail. My eldest son then proposed that I show him the super power from the mighty God, whom I accepted not long ago, to resolve the existing issue. My spontaneous response to him is that God does not need to interfere in the issue directly, but occasionally make use of everything to get things done on His behalf. Immediately after my explanation, I then noted the illumination of low fuel indicator light suggesting that I need to go to the nearest petrol kiosk.

I then proceed to the nearest petrol station at Jalan 223. While I was filling my car with petrol, my wife went to the cashier for help. Surprisingly, she returned back with a smiley face, indicating her issue had been resolved. She then revealed the whole incident to us in the car. She told us that when she approached the cashier for help, she replied in Bahasa Malaysia "Where to find a plier in the cashier counter". With hesitation, she pulled out the bottom drawer and unbelievingly saw a plier there. She told my wife that she was surprised to find the plier and offered it to my wife.

I told them that this is no coincidence, but rather a miracle. To me, coincidence is an insult and undermines God's power. This is nothing new to me as there are abundant evidences recorded in the scriptures. Since then, they began to consult scripture occasionally. Thank God for answering many prayers, whom I know lots of my sisters and brothers in Christ have been praying for me since I accepted Christ.

Praise the Lord. Thanks for your precious time and hope to see you again for other testimonies. Please put forward your testimonies here.

Peace and Grace to you always,

James Oh

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Number 22 -25

Hi! Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I love to share with you 4 principles in the Book of Number 22 -25.

1st Principle
God can use whatever kind of person to speak for Him.

In Number 22:21-41 it tells us that God can use donkey to speak for Him.
Here, it illustrate well that all things are subject to Him. He is in control of everything on earth and in heaven.

2nd Principle
God is not subject to man but all men are subject to Him.

Our purpose on earth is to be His witness and to obey His commandments accordingly, and not according to our flesh, intuition and intelligence.

3rd Principle
God's people are vulnerable and can be seduced to worship other gods.

One thing is certain - walking with God is no guarantee that we will be free from opposition and have a smooth path in life. Therefore, we need to know this in advance so that we will carry on and not be discouraged.

In the book of Numbers, we were told Moses, being His faithful servant, has been opposed from every conceivable direction within and outside Israel.

Let us continue to pray that God reveal more to us so that we can share with others.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you,

James Oh

Monday, 5 April 2010


Dear loving sisters and brothers,

I write to give my testimony of some miracles my family and I have gone through not long after I accepted Christ as my Savior. This incident happened a couple of years ago. At that time, I was already convinced and committed to Him wholeheartedly.

It all began with our trip to dine at one popular restaurants at Telok Gong, near West Port, which is also one of the popular weekend dining areas among KL folks. On the way back to our home, after our meal, I somehow detoured to Klang Puteri residential housing estate to investigate further on that newly launched housing estate.

As a result, we arrived home relatively quite late from our norm. Everyone was tired and went up to our bed rooms instead of our normal practice of going to the rest room just opposite my dry kitchen. After being home for a while, my eldest son felt thirsty and was about to go to the dry kitchen to obtain some water. Just before he entered the kitchen, he cried out "snake" and ran away from it.

Immediately, I rushed down from up-stairs and instructed everyone to stay away from the kitchen. I did so for two main reasons. First, I do not want to provoke the snake. Secondly, I do not have knowledge or experience to handle it. It struck my mind to contact Fire Station immediately for help, while preventing everyone from entering the kitchen, at the same time keeping on an eye on its movement.

After some hassles of contacting the right fire station, the rescue team finally came in to remove this unwelcome guest from my house. Thank God for His protection as no one got hurt despite waiting for the arrival of the rescue team for nearly an hour. Surprisingly, it hid itself in the kitchen. This is really a surprisingly good lesson for us. Immediately we extended our greatest gratitude and appreciation to the team and our Lord. From then on, I told myself to remove the word "coincident" from my vocabulary because it appears to me as an insult to my Lord, who has full control in earth and heaven.

Please allow me to ponder over a few questions here. Why did I detour on my way back to that particular residential area after all we have been there numerous times. What would have happened if we came back much earlier and follow our normal practice which is very likely the case? Why I was so cool despite having about 4 feet length cobra in my house? I couldn't imagine if it were to move out from my kitchen. What could have happen to our lives if they have not found and removed the cobra from my house that night. I was shocked to find out that it could have easily attack my eldest son, who had confronted it at far shorter than the safe distance. The more I ponder, I felt more gratitude towards Him.

Thereafter, I found real peace in His Mighty hand. I gave the above testimony in my hope to glorify Him, so that He can continue to use me as one of His vessels.

See you again and I shall share with you more testimonies on how He touched our immediate family members’ lives before they accepted Him as their Savior. So, praise the Lord.

James Oh

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Wishing you Good Health, Happiness & A Prosperous Lunar New Year.

★ 衷心的祝願你在新的一年裡,所有的期待都能出現,


★ 新的1年開始,祝好事接2連3,心情4季如春,生活5顏6色,7彩繽紛,偶爾8點小財,煩惱拋到9霄雲外﹗請接受我10心10意的祝福。祝新春快樂﹗

★ 祝您一帆風順二龍騰飛三羊開泰四季平安五福臨門六六大順

★ 祝你正財、偏財、橫財,財源滾滾;

★ 願你抱著平安,擁著健康,揣著福祉,攜著快樂,摟著溫馨,

★ 願所有的好夢依偎著你,入睡是甜,醒來成真﹗
★ 願所有的財運籠罩著你﹗日出遇貴,日落見財﹗
★ 願所有的吉星呵護著你﹗時時吉祥﹗刻刻平安﹗

★ 新年的鐘聲裡,我舉起杯,

★ 開心每一秒,快樂每一天,福祉每一年,健康到永遠﹗新年快樂。

★ 送你一件外套,前面是平安,後面是福祉,吉祥是領子,

★ 新年到,願君︰百事可樂﹗萬事芬達﹗

★ 新的一年,新的開始;心的祝福,心的起點。

★ 新年到,鴻運照,煩惱的事兒往邊靠,

★ 今年過年不送禮,發條短信送給你。
★ 健康快樂常伴你,好運和你不分離。
★ 還有讓我恭喜你︰財神已經盯上你﹗

★ 一片綠葉,飽含著它對根的情誼;一句賀詞,濃縮了我對你的祝願。

★ 我把新年的祝福和希望,悄悄地放在將融的雪被下,

★ 祝你在新的一年裡︰事業正當午,身體壯如虎,

★ 滾滾滾滾滾滾滾滾滾滾滾...燙燙的祝福送給你,新年快樂,合家福祉!

★ 好久不見,十分想念。在這辭舊迎新之際,常常憶起共處的歲月。

★ 祝你一年開開心心,一生快快樂樂,一世平平安安,

★ 許一個美好的心願祝你快樂連連,

★ 賀新年,慶佳節,恭喜發財﹗新年好,萬事順,事事如意﹗