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This children book is a very thoughtful book - simple, easily understandable from daily life stories, yet associated with powerful and valuable messages. This book is great in the sense that it will soothe and touch the readers' hearts and souls.

Her gift of writing talents together with her well crafted skills cleverly and creatively combined,  allowed her to convey God’s message in a much more powerful and impactful  way. Her messages used the simple line daily stories such as camping so freely, naturally and effectively. Her story is full of expressions and emotion through simple daily conversation yet it did not stop her to spread across good moral values and love. Amazingly well done, I must say. Through this simple story of hers, the readers enjoy a care free reading like a pleasant breeze blowing towards the reader. In fact, it is a light reading book clearly and well illustrated by respective drawings to enhance the readers’ understanding and appealing interest especially for those children who do not like reading. Smartly inserted are the respective relevant verses of the Scripture at the bottom of the page is also worthy of praise. Hence, her skillful and thoughtful craft of her writing coupled with lovely pictures will make her book shines, appealing and attractive amongst children. This will further raise their curiosity, thirst and desire to find much more in a fun manner.

Many of us have our own gifts and never use them to teach our younger generation by sharing our knowledge and stories.  Becky Howard is definitely not that person. She believes in simplicity and was focus through her writing. If the reviews she’s received thus-far are any indication, the world needed it. She uses her talents to reach and teach others.

I received a review copy of the book for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review and no other compensation.

Harrison – Goes Camping though is a children book which provides us with more than one dimension. This is because it can help us  view things not only in the physical sense, but also its related God wisdom as the author has prescribed through her daily conversation with her loved ones. It serves wide and diverse needs especially for those who want their children to be exposed and learn the highest, positive and broader perspective on life from a young age.

This book makes the children  gain more exposure in Christian values. It may give them a good, solid and sound understanding of the great works of the Mighty Loving God.

What I enjoyed most about this book is its fascinating way of conveying  Christian values through our daily conversation in the family. It reflects the beauty of spreading the little seed in children hearts. That’s what makes this book truly worth reading.

As you read through the book, you’ll be able to visualise the exciting camping event and surroundings the author has to go through. This book is not meant to persuade or dissuade you – it’s meant to inform, ingrain and teach the readers in gaining the appropriate perspectives in our daily life.

This book is highly recommended for reading; it is also suitable as a gift to children or to be used as children home study subject.

The Title of the book is Simple and Precise and to the point.

Harrison – Goes Camping is definitely a noble goal, because it teach children of the value of Christianity and prospers you to see things from their positive and appropriate perspective, from God’s perspective through our daily Life. You may grab its wisdom from each and every event happens through the camping journey. I must say that the reward of its wisdom is far more than your time, energy and money spent. Marvelous! In short, you will be empowered by its wisdom with this simple yet powerful event. Early exposure through consistent and persistent application by living it in your life is the surest way to ensure that you shine through your life. The author, Becky Howard, can certainly attest of this truth.

This book is also ideal for anyone who feels you had been living life without much meaning and is looking for inspiration to go off on his own, and dislike heavy reading.

Last, but not least, this book would make a lovely and meaningful Christmas present.

All I can say is thank you!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Guest Post by Lorilyn Roberts

From Seventh Dimension – The Door, a Young Adult Christian Fantasy

“What About Me, God”

“Why would the king want to heal him?” My life hadn’t changed. What about me? A voice spoke to me, “Don’t let others steal your joy. Don’t be jealous of others or concerned about not receiving their blessing. Think about the good things the king has given you.” – Shale Snyder, Seventh Dimension – The Door.
No one else just like you has ever lived – and today there are close to seven billion people on the planet. If you were the only person God created and you turned your back on Him, God would have sent Jesus Christ to die for you. He made you just the way you are. You have gifts that no one else has. These gifts were not given to you to make you great or famous. There were given to you for one purpose: To glorify God.

Instead of thinking about what someone else has, think about what God has given you—and how you can use your life for His glory, not yours.

Someday all these things that seem so wonderful will come to an end. There won’t be a Hollywood in heaven, but there will be life. There will be memories. There will be feelings. There will be blessings. There will be love.

Remember:  God doesn’t create junk—He creates beauty. Sometimes the good things God gives us are hidden underneath our sinful passions. Do you know who you are in Christ? Have you forgotten something God did for you? Have you taken your eyes off of Jesus Christ?

As long as you have a beating heart, you have time to change directions. Don’t delay. Today 150,000 people will die. You only have this moment, this second. Act now, and remember, as Shale did in the Seventh Dimension – The Door:  “Could the king’s words penetrate my hardened heart? What joy would fill me if I surrendered everything to the king?”

From March 1 through March 16, the John 3:16 Marketing Network is sponsoring Lorilyn Roberts’ book launch of Seventh Dimension – The Door, a finalist in the 2012 Grace Awards. You can purchase a Kindle version of her book for only 99 cents. By entering your Amazon purchase order number into the Rafflecopter on the John 3:16 landing page, you will have ten chances to win a Kindle, a $50 Amazon gift card, or a $10 Starbucks card. You can also purchase a print copy for $11.88 or an audio book for $14.95.  Here is the link to the landing page: Help Lorilyn to reach number one in Christian fantasy on Amazon so more young readers will be exposed to her redemptive Christian writing.

Lorilyn Roberts is a Christian author who writes children's picture books, adult nonfiction, memoirs, and a young adult Christian fantasy series, Seventh Dimension. The first in the series, The Door, was just published (October 2012).

Lorilyn graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Alabama, which included international study in Israel and England. She received her Masters in Creative Writing from Perelandra College and is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature.

Lorilyn is the founder of the John 316 Marketing Network, a network of Christian authors who are passionate about promoting books with a Christian worldview.

To learn more about Lorilyn, please visit her website at or blog at You can follow her on twitter at To connect with her personally, you can contact her by email at