Sunday, 9 February 2014


Had served as Financial Controller; had broad exposure; diversified experience that makes him a Significant Difference Maker.

He brings a truly Unique Perspective to his writings and talks. He has the remarkable ability to capture and hold an audience's attention with Captivating and Compelling stories, and had turned numerous adversities into opportunities in his life.

Recognizing that business acumen is about seeing the big picture and not just about financial literacy, James conducts training for people to see the invisible and do the impossible. He is passionate about helping people succeed in using their minds to see opportunities without losing sight of the details.

Saturday, 8 February 2014



Like a good anthropologist, James Oh picked up and used them to nourish and nurture the readers a great deal about the needs, wants, concerns, fears, doubts and problems that most people share. Whether you are the novice, newbie, newcomer, later-comer or old-timer to the social arena,  communion, career path or character building, there is so much to be learned here.

I enjoy and relish those inspiring and inspiriting sayings, excerpts, quips and quotes, especially those exalted and enhanced by James’ elucidation using his own personal experiences, encounters, episodes and anecdotes.  I would say that most of these magnificent and stupendous quotes and teaching are not seen for the first time by many of us, but being a common human flaw, we tend to forget either to learn and internalize them by heart, or fail to put into practice ritually.

Hence, to me, this Book, not only being a fabulous reminder, is also  a great tool for me to cross refer and make reference to, whenever I wish to find and utilize the relevant materials, as this Book has conveniently and expediently collected and assembled much valuable resources into a single booklet.

I would definitely keep a look out for other publishing authored by James Oh and in the meantime, I will ardently recommend this remarkable Collection of Wisdom to my friends. 

Grace Tan
22 January 2014

Friday, 7 February 2014


What’s your passion?
My passion is to help others, especially those who have not living up to their full potential, because they are lacking self-esteem and self-confidence.
Tell us more about your latest book?
Looking Beyond Financial Statements is about what I had applied in my profession of growing a private limited aviation company with its founder, to a publicly listed company on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, which seems impossible at that time. It details all the required skill, mindset and knowledge that navigate and nurture us to achieve breakthrough.

Looking Beyond Financial Statements is strongly recommended for anyone who is aspiring to do the impossible, or anyone living with low self-esteem and self-confidence who is interested in a better way of life.
Why fueling your mind with wholesome healthy stuff is important to you?
Very simply, it provides me with the necessary energy and appropriate mindset to kick off my day and accomplish everything I set out to do. From the moment I wake up and throughout my busy day, it is crucial for me to maintain my superior health and effectively productive lifestyle, including doing everything that I desire both professionally and personally. I am a firm believer of strong mindset, living with a positive attitude, and helping others when possible. This will always follow up with an effective, positive and profound thoughts and actions no matter what!
What does self-love mean to you?
Self-love means that I value myself and always desire to be in great shape in every aspect of my life: physically, mentally, mentally and spiritually. I know that if I don’t concern and care of my own well-being and happiness, then I will be of little use to anyone else. To know yourself is the first step of wisdom.
What are three things you have left to do on your bucket list?
First of all, I would love to help my children to achieve their dreams, so as to uphold my promise. This is the best gift the father could give to his children.

Secondly, I would absolutely love to own my training centre in near future! I am passionate in writing, and intend to leave behind my experience, knowledge and skill as my legacy before I leave this planet. This is the way for me to pay back the world I have been benefiting from.

Finally, I would love to be a great contributor especially in my chosen fields. I desire to reach out to a larger magnitude of people so as they can make best use of their gifts and talents to bring a better tomorrow.
What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy and happy?
1) Always be grateful what you have. Thank God in the first time of the morning when you wake up. Read healthy reading materials regularly and have healthy and nutritional meals.
2) Laugh as much as possible and never take your life too seriously.
3) Drink lots and loads of water, love the one you see in the mirror, and compliment others, without ever being competitive.
What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
“You were designed for Accomplishment, Engineer for Success and endowed with the seeds of Greatness.” ZigZiglar.
Published 2013-12-29.