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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May be it is good to dwell with this issue earlier by tackling and understanding it first. Here, I am using the metaphor of “plucking the ripe fruits first”, whereby we should pluck the low hanging fruits first, and then move on to the higher ones on the tree.

Our Christianity walk is a journey and not a destination. However, there is a great blessing that God make us realize that our purpose on earth is to achieve Christlikeness – that is the tangible outcome we are seeking on earth, so as to walk right with God. This is very much in accordance with the principle, approach and spirit of the Bible as a whole. I would rather call it a Big Picture.


To apprehend the true meaning of this word, it is easier to express it in a scale where righteousness is pointing towards one end while sin is pointing to the other opposite end. Since the true meaning of righteousness varies from one individual to another, therefore it may be useful to understand meaning of sin first.


Sin is defined as something other than righteousness. Sin violates religious and moral laws. It may be caused by something from the weaknesses of our flesh eg. physical desires such as pride, honour, comfort, pleasure, ego, jealousy, ect…In a nutshell, it can come in many different forms, whether you like it or not. It has to to be given equal weight as rightenousness.

As we are well aware that after man fell, no man can do good with his own ability. Hence we must be extremely serious about this subject which no one should take lightly.We inherited the original sin from our ancestor, Adam and Eve. Bear in mind that both of them stayed in the garden of Eden near to God. Here, the devil was so smart and deceive them to take the fruit of knowledge. This well illustrate the point of the devil's power, is very much stronger than any of us or all of us. Another good point to note seriously is that they are near to God, yet the heart is not wholly dedicated to God, they fall eventually. That’s why the scripture also gives us sufficient warnings to safeguard this force, because they can come in thousands or millions forms. Worse still, they may be invisible in our own eyes.

We must be aware of the operation of sin so that we will not get ourselves expose unnecessarily. It is clear that righteousness always triumph over sin. Bear in mind that our Lord, Jesus was also tempted by Satan who can quote Scriptures so well. However Jesus is the perfect man, without sin and can conquer devils. He, as a human had demonstrated the way to conquer them and win the victory for His Father. He had performed perfect prayer before He was put on the cross and claim the victory for His Father. He descended to world to carry out a purpose for His Father. Being adopted children of Him, wouldn’t you think that we were created for His purpose as well. Our purpose of Christian life is also to gloriify God our Father. I am convinced that I shall first deny myself, take up the cross and follow him, the process of being Christlike.

Here, my purpose of this paper is provide an in-depth understandings of this operation, which I am strongly convince that I am able to see all these – as a great blessing from the work of the Holy Spirit. If not, there is no way for me to see it so clearly with my own ability. Similarly I am also convicnced that the stronger your faith is, the clearer picture you can get, which others can see. This is the fundamental of understanding the faith by itself.

It is a great blessing to opt for this Christian walk because we have a mighty and living God, who knows the human being so well that on their own, they can’t walk right with God. That’s the reason He sent us a helper to guide us and stay inside us so long as we open our hearts voluntarily to Him. That’s what He say “I am waiting at the door, whoever opens shall join them. We must understand Him that being a loving God, He has abundant love, but he is slow in anger, will not use force to enter our heart – free will of our own.

To receive His love, we need to open our hearts voluntarily to Him. Then only will he help us to see the devil or our enemy. The impurity of our heart must be removed and replaced by Him. Then He can help us see the invisible but not limited to the devil. By then we can safeguard ourselves and will not fall into temptations.

In order for us to apprehend fully the correct perspective of righteousness according to God’s will, perhaps it very much easier and clearer for us to understand the other extreme end of how sin works, well before we can draw a thin line between these two boundaries. Hence the level of your faith will determine its understanding and application.

Therefore it is more appropriate for us to fully understand the lower end before we build up our strong foundation of righteousness. Word by itself can be used as a double edge sword – well demonstrated by our Master, who knows the word perfectly and can defend himself against the devil who tried to tempt Him. The question arises is who else can do the perfect job. I am convinced that Christ is the only man that can do that. That’s the strong reason why He asked us to deny ourselves No one can replace Him – that why our mission here is to be Christ likelike. Therefore it is important that we reveal to others what God reveals to us, so that He can reveal more to us. The growth of our faith.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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