Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hi! Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let us sing the song below:-


You will never know for sure when your time is up
Because He, the one who creates you, control everything
So, do not risk your soul
Don't be blinded by your flesh
Look around for all the indicators
Which is so glaringly obvious pointing towards Him

He has done everything for you
There is no excuse for you
Because there are an abundance of evidence
So, come to Him voluntarily;

He will honour every Word of His despite He is Sovereign
His Word will never change over time
He will never take back the free will He has given you even though He has all the authority to do so

He has given you the precious gifts out of His grace
Which none of us is qualify for them
No wonder He will never reject or abandon anyone of us
He who creates the Heaven and earth know how you think and react
Because He is inside you

So repent and submit to Him
Let Him guide you along
Because He knows the way

Come to Him and let Him lead
Through Him everything is complete with joy

You are rest assured that you will not add any value to Him
Don't be foolish; come and ask for His wisdom
He will be more than happy to give you
What you need to do is to believe in Him wholeheartedly

This is because He knows that you cannot add value t by your own capability;
This is the truth; and He is not belittling you
So come to Him

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Please help us to spread the news. Thank you in advance,

Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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