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As September 11 is approaching soon, many of us may recall the memorable day when the US was attacked by terrorists in her homeland where many thousands of innocent people were killed.

On the other hand, that day also reminded me of a great figure, Dato' Father A. Julien ( Feb 25, 1917 - Sept 11, 2004) who was called back to the Lord on Sept 11, 2004. See the photo yourself.

As such, this Sept 11, 2011 is coming to be his 7th anniversary. Thousands of people turned up during his funeral and many still remember him for life. I write about him, not because both of us have the same birthday or his Chinese name is the same as my Chinese sir name. But far more than these commonalities we both have. Please read further, you will then discover how he had impacted my life.

To read more about his background, please click the link below:-

He had touched many thousands of peoples' heart especially the Chinese community in Malaysia, who did not believe then that he, a foreigner, would set up the Chinese school in foreigner's land. With the grace from the Lord, he was able to sustain and endure all the pains and discomfort during the period when he began to deliver his mission. Thank God that he eventually delivered his mission that turned so many peoples' heart from disbelief to belief. He then gained an honour and was well regarded as a highly respected figure by people from all walks of lives. For those who know him well, will not have a dispute about it. Please come forward to praise him that he so truly deserve.

I can't imagine what many of us would be if he had not built the Chinese school in this land. As such, we are indebted to him very much and wouldn't be able to repay him all of our lives. He had also touched our lives so much and not one of us will forget him. Though he had gone, his spirit remains. He will be remembered forever. It is my great pleasure to have a chance to write a small column in my blog so as to give him an honour he well deserved.

I recalled that he, in his life time, he will always stand by to extend his help to anyone in need. He knew that majority of the students are from poor families and he always gave us encouragement to do better in our lives. He always cultivate good values into our lives. I must say that his motivation and encouragement had really made me do the extra miles. I must thank him for my success, which would not have been achieved without his efforts. He is one of the great people who really had a great impact on my life.

With this in mind, I know there is no way I can pay him back whatsoever he had done for me. At least, I will follow his footstep to give back to the society what I have been benefiting from. The articles which I share with you from day one is also the way I had learnt from him. By doing so, I, at least feel much better by playing my small part to uplift others who may need it. This is another way for me not to put his efforts and actions into waste.

Last but not least, I hope more people will step forward and follow his footsteps to leave a resounding good legacy behind, exactly like what he had done for many of us.

Thanks and together we will make a better tomorrow for the human beings in this planet. His departure is a great loss to Malaysia as a whole, particularly Penang where he had built several schools there.

Though he is gone, his spirit is still with us forever. Thousands of people still remember him despite he had left this planet more than 6 years ago. Our school even built a statue to remember him. No doubt all these things cannot match his contribution to our society as a whole.

His humble personality and smiling face always enlighten us. I must say that He is a man of great honour, who never expect any reward for his good work. By doing so, he gain substantial respect from anyone who had dealt with him one way or the other.

For students, I hope that this article will in some way encourage you to be better persons.

James Oh

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