Monday, 28 February 2011


It not only works 24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
Has Unlimited coverage,
Wider than any phone service provider,
No technical maintenance is required,

Yet the most affordable one, if you choose to have
No language barrier, even body language accepted
As long as it is from your heart,
Whether you voice out from your mouth or Keep it in your heart is not important,
What is important is your sincerity and it is from the bottom of your heart,

It will not run out of fashion,
From Adam's to present age,
Humans are still using it, without any upgraded version.
It will remain unchanged even in the future.
It will work if you believe in it.

Ask and He shall answer,
That's His word.
He is the sovereign who keeps every of His promise,
In the past to present and even to the future,
So practice it daily,
And you will agree with me one day.

Or you may agree to it already.
Please step forward to vouch for it,
Don't be shy, but be proud of it,
Let the light shines everywhere,

And let Him do it through you effortlessly
Be patient and let patience complete the task,
That makes you complete and holy,
Without lacking anything
And peace with you always.

Acknowledge prayer and let it be part of your life.
So that you live meaningfully and lively,
Let us pray together,
That He always communicate with us through prayers.

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